Our History

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) was established by Act of Parliament No. 15 of 1965 to regulate and set standards for the Accounting profession in Nigeria. With over 51,000 chartered Accountants since its establishment, ICAN has played a leading role in the West African sub-region resulting in the formation of Association of Accounting Bodies in West Africa (ABWA). For effective coordination of social and professional activities of its members who are all over the world, ICAN currently has 59 District Societies within and outside of Nigeria including UK, USA, Canada, Malaysia and Cameroon. Active and formidable member of the world’s Accounting body “International Federation of Accountants (IFAC)”

ICAN is an active and formidable member of International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) and maintains a reciprocal relationship with a host of other accounting bodies around the world.

ICAN Canada District Society was inaugurated on 7 Feb, 2015 as a not for profit organization primarily to support ICAN members living in Canada for smooth transition to Canada with a goodwill message from the CPA Alberta.

The ICAN President, his entourage and the Canada District Executive Officers visited CPA Alberta in Calgary on Feb 6, 2015 as part of the inauguration of Canada District Society.

Background of  ICAN Canada District Society

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) Canada District Society was inaugurated on Saturday 7 Feb, 2015 in Calgary, Alberta with 65% members attendance across several provinces in Canada.

The District presently has 105 members from 4 provinces: Ontario (40%), Alberta (45%), Manitoba (10%), BC (5%) and potential of 145 members as at December, 2019.

ICAN President Mr Chidi Onyeukwu Ajaegbu, FCA was in attendance to inaugurate the 52nd ICAN District society along with 5 members from Nigeria and USA. The first District chairman (Mr Tony Aruleba, FCA, CGA) was sworn-in along with 10 other Exco members.

As part of the programme for this historic event was ICAN President’s visit to CPA Alberta office in Calgary, Goodwill message was also presented by the CPA Alberta.

All ICAN members in Canada who are yet to register with the District are enjoined to register online (www.icancanada.org) or send email to the chairman: [email protected]