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On behalf of the Ontario chapter, I would like to welcome you to Ontario, the most populous province in Canada with 38.3% of the national population in Canada. It is the major economic nerve center in Canada with heavy focus on financial, services, mining, industrial & Agricultural sectors. ICAN Ontario is one of four main chapters in the ICAN District. We have approximately 120 members making us the largest Chapter in Canada. Our main goal is to enhance personal & professional interactions amongst members in Ontario within the confines of the district’s mandate on chapter activities. On behalf of the members of the chapter & its executives, I would like to welcome you again to this chapter & Ontario, “A place to Grow”

Olufemi Solaja

FCA, Coordinator, Ontario Chapter

Quarterly Meeting

Third Saturday of the Month at 3pm EST

Quarterly Meeting

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Monthly Webinar

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Ontario Chapter Committees

In order to achieve these goals, we have an executive committee of 5 members & have created 4 main committees to support in achieving our mandate while continuously expanding on our member’s base.

These Committees are: