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You are most welcome to Edmonton Chapter webpage. Our priority is to help our members advance their professional careers while providing the support that enables securing gainful employment through our empowerment programs in collaboration with the district. We regularly make every effort to support our members who have recently relocated to Canada and making Edmonton their new homes. If you are a member of ICAN, we encourage you to join the chapter during any of our meetings and events. Perhaps you are thinking of the city to choose as home, consider Edmonton.

Edmonton is one of Canada’s top three sunniest cities, along with Calgary and Winnipeg. West Edmonton Mall no longer holds the title of world’s largest shopping mall, but it does still boast the Guinness world record for the largest parking lot. Holding up to 20,000 cars at once, it even tops prime destinations like Disneyland; the North Saskatchewan River Valley in Edmonton is North America’s largest continuous urban green space; Elk Island National Park has the second-highest density of hoofed mammals. To learn more about Edmonton uniqueness, click: 9 Notable things that makes Edmonton unique.

Sam Aderemi

FCA, MBA, CBAP, Edmonton Chapter Coordinator

Quarterly Meeting

Third Saturday of the Month at 3pm MST

Quarterly Meeting

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(July, October & January)
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